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Dive Sea Dwellers: “The name you know and trust, since 1974”  Below are our prices for our dive and snorkel tours.  Each tour provides an hour on 2 separate locations!!!

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We keep it fun, but always safe. Never a compromise, just scuba diving Florida Keys style!

  • It’s your vacation — dive at your own pace. We don’t rush your trip, you get an hour at each dive location
  • At Sea Dwellers we never forget that you are here to have fun, so you can maximize your vacation enjoyment
  • We don’t pack boats to their limit plenty of “elbow room” — No cattle boats
  • Friendly, expert in-house Divemasters, Captains and Crew provide personal attention

Please Note: We can not "guarantee" a particular location or boat. If weather/conditions or other factors arise, the Captain or Crew may select alternate locations for the best experience.

For Snorkelers:  Your price includes Literally DOUBLE the snorkel time, and you get to see two locations for only $10 more than our competitors!

We offer Private Charters on both our 30 Foot Island Hopper (up to 20 riders or 12 divers), or on our 50 Foot Marine Management Vessel (up to 48 riders or 30 divers). Call for special pricing 305-451-3640.

As a certified diver, it is each individual’s responsibility to maintain his/her knowledge and skill levels through consistent practice and continued education. Please remember to bring your certification card with you.  We check all certification cards prior to boarding the Sea Dweller III. 


Please note: The following policies are based off industry/insurance standards with your safety in mind. 

-If it has been more than one year (12 Months) since your last LOGGED scuba dive, you will be required to complete a Scuba Skills Update in the pool with one of our instructors. 

-If a Refresher was done prior to arrival, we will need logged proof of refresher with your instructor’s signature. 

-All divers wanting to do a deep dive must first complete a shallow dive with Sea Dwellers prior to the deep dive.

-If Sea Dwellers does not run due to sea conditions, we do not charge you. Sea Dwellers does require a 48 hours cancellation notice to avoid a full-price cancellation fee.