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Meet the Crew


Brian & Anjelique Kelsey

Sea Dwellers Dive Shop Crew Key Largo Florida
Our fearless leaders, Brian & Anjelique, moved to Key Largo
from San Antonio in March of 2019 with the distinct honor of taking the helm
of Sea Dwellers Dive Center, and eventually Paradise Island Charter.   
Brian is a PADI & SSI Instructor, and 
Anjelique is a PADI and SSI Divemaster.  

Brian's favorite
dive site in the Keys is the U.S.C.G.C. Duane and Anjelique loves diving on the shallow wreck of the Benwood.

Brian and Anjelique have an adorable 3-year-old son, Zale (he's our resident cookie-snatcher...!).  When they're not helping around the shop, they are definitely playing with this little guy!



Head Captain Doug Weaver

Captain Doug was born in East Tennessee and moved to the Florida Keys to follow his passion for the ocean. He is a PADI MSDT Instructor, and Sea Dweller’s Head Captain. Doug has a vast knowledge of mechanics and electrical, and his years of experience in andon the Key Largo reefs diving has given him the knowledge of almost every dive site, so far that he could draw you a picture of the site layouts off the top of his head.

In addition, Doug has experience as a trained Scuba Service Technician for both gear and air compressors, and even boasts a Tec Rec Trimix Blender certification.

Doug got into diving over 11 years ago with a mountain biking friend looking for another adventure to do. Since then he has received countless instructor level certifications and has worked in multiple roles in the dive industry.

"Seeing sea turtles makes everything better"

"Hearing a crackling sound underwater like Rice Krispies in a bowl of milk is the sound the reef makes"

Doug's favorite Gear is:
-Regulator: Aqualung Legend
-BCD: Aqualung Axiom and Zuma (for travel)
-Fins: Mares Volo
-Mask: Dive Rite 

Doug’s favorite dive sites in Key Largo:
USCG Cutter Duane for wrecks,
or anywhere on Molasses Reef

Doug's Favorite Key Largo Marine Life:
Juvenile Trunk Fish

 Captain Russell Dockery

Sea Dwellers Dive Shop Crew Key Largo Florida
Russell was born in San Antonio, Texas, but later moved to the Florida Keys to pursue his interest in ocean conservation!  He spent 9 years in the U.S. Navy as a navigator attached to the U.S.S. Rushmore (LSD-47). He was a Plank Owner aboard the Rushmore as part of the commissioning crew.  Then, Russell worked as a sailing charter captain for 17 years at Florida Sea Base, the Boy Scouts High Adventure camp located in Islamorada.

Fun fact about Russell:
"I had a short cameo appearance in a pirate movie called “Crossbones” filmed here in the Keys. Very bad movie, EXTREMELY low budget and fortunately I did not quit my day job!"

Sea Dwellers Dive Shop Crew Key Largo Florida
Highest level of certification:
100 GT Master with sailing endorsement
PADI Divemaster

Years professional:
22 years

Russell's favorite dive site:

Molasses Reef

Russell's favorite marine animal:
Sea Horse!
Captain Rob Doyle
Sea Dwellers Dive Shop Crew Key Largo Florida

Captain Rob has been in the Florida Keys for over 14 years! He and his wife Anya are both avid divers and sailors.  They live on a sailboat and travel the world, sailing from various islands together.

Dive Operations Manager

Jeremy Weeks

Sea Dwellers Dive Shop Crew Key Largo Florida
Jeremy is our head instructor as well as an SSI Trainer and PADI MSDT.  Jeremy has been with Sea Dwellers for over 15 years!  If you have any training questions, Jeremy is your guy!

Sea Dwellers Dive Shop Crew Key Largo Florida

Fun facts about Jeremy:

He is the master of all things regulators!!

If he's not at work, he's hanging out with his kids back home!


Dive Center Manager

  Carol Beck

Carol grew up in Pittsburgh - if you can't already tell from her accent!  She left Pittsburgh in search of the sun's rays and the ocean's waves, and that's how she found the Florida Keys!  She's loved her time as an open water certified diver for 13 years.  She prefers diving our shallow reefs - around 20 to 35 feet deep - because that's the best depth to see all of the amazing colors of the corals and fish!  

Sea Dwellers Dive Shop Crew Key Largo Florida

 Carol LOVES managing Sea Dweller's dive center, and with 30 years of retail experience, she's the best at what she does!  

  "It's a perfect job in the perfect place. One of the best things about working in the shop is that all the customers are on vacation, so they are very happy to be there!  I love helping them discover what I've enjoyed doing for years - diving! And what better place to learn and dive than right here in the Florida Keys!?"

Fun fact about Carol:
One of her favorite things to do (besides being in the ocean!!) is taking vacations to go see her two children!

Favorite marine animal:
Lobsters... yum!!



Allen Adams Jr. - Instructor

Allen was born in Colorado Springs, Colorado; however, he refused to grow up.  His dream is to stay young - to always feel that moment of enthusiasm that a child shows with every new adventure.

Allen first became interested in scuba diving by watching various diving-related documentaries, and he lived on Johnston Atoll for several years - giving him the perfect opportunity to fulfill his dream of diving! He officially fell in love with scuba diving in 1996 and got certified in 1997.  On his first fun dive with his friends, he had a small octopus wrap around his head and mask. That started his excitement into this wonderful life!

"Sharing my love of diving with a wonderful friend is what put me back on the path I should have been following. Working with students and seeing the gift of excitement in each of them makes my soul happy."

Fun fact about Allen: "I learned long ago that you should surround yourself with friends and family that you want to be like. This has made my life filled with good people. I hope to have each of you in that circle of friends."

Highest level of certification:  Open Water Scuba Instructor

Allen's favorite dive gear:

-Regulator: ScubaPro

-BCD: Aqualung Rogue

Allen's favorite dive site:  He doesn't have one yet - too many great ones!!

Allen's favorite marine life: Same situation here, there are too many amazing animals out there!

Nate Russell - Instructor

Nate is from Calais, Maine, and he has been diving since he was kid and his dad introduced him to it!  He's been a diving professional since 2015!

Sea Dwellers Dive Shop Crew Key Largo Florida

Fun facts about Nate: 
He's been diving in 5 different countries (and he's looking to add more)!

He's on the Animal Planet "Aquarium" episode documenting the coral spawning here in Key Largo!

Nate is also a fantastic dancer (at least he thinks so...!)

Highest level of certification:  Open Water Scuba Instructor

Nate's teaching specialties: Deep, Wreck, Gas Blending, Nitrox, Peak Performance Buoyancy, Night

Nate's favorite dive gear:

-Regulator:  Mares Abyss

-BCD:  Mares Prestige

-Fins:  Mares XStreams

-Mask: Atomic (frameless)

Nate's favorite dive site:  U.S.C.G.C. Duane

Nate's favorite marine life: Spotted Drum

Devon Judge - Instructor
Matt McFarlan - Instructor
Katie-Lauren James (or KL!) - Instructor

Katie-Lauren is a PADI Open Water Scuba Instructor, and she was born, raised, and scuba-trained in Indiana (go Hoosiers!).  She's been diving for 5 years - she completed her Divemaster training at Quiescence Diving Services and Indiana University, and she received her instructor rating through Florida Sea Base. 
Sea Dwellers Dive Shop Crew Key Largo Florida
Fun facts about KL:
She just graduated from Indiana University with degrees in Underwater Archaeology and Anthropology, as well as a certificate in Underwater Resource Management. 

She is passionate about the preservation of and education about submerged cultural and biological resources.  Her interests include ocean conservation, the effects of climate change on submerged cultural heritage and marine life, and of course... shipwrecks!

Highest level of certification: PADI Open Water Scuba Instructor

KL's favorite dive gear:
-Regulator: Scuba Pro Mk 17 & S600
-BCD: Any backplate & wing
-Fins: Scuba Pro Novas
-Mask: Whatever fits!

KL's favorite dive site - USS Spiegel Grove

KL's favorite marine animal
 - Hammerhead shark!
Rob Aussubel - Instructor

Rob is an SSI instructor, PADI staff instructor, and a DAN instructor who came to us all the way from Boston, Massachusetts!  Rob is a PADI MSDT and loves spending his weeks in the water and working on many of his personal online projects.  When asked how long he's been diving, Rob simply says "not long enough!!"  He originally became interested in diving after taking a Discover scuba diving course in Key West (because snorkeling sounded boring!).  Flash forward to now, he's officially been a diving professional for two years!
Sea Dwellers Dive Shop Crew Key Largo Florida

Fun facts about Rob: 
His f
avorite part of diving is the descent and what he can hear down there!

He speaks HTML just as well as English!

Highest level of certification:

PADI IDC Staff Instructor


Rob's favorite dive gear:

-Regulator: Scuba Pro 620 Ti 

-BCD: Scuba Pro Hydros

-Fins: Scuba Pro Jet Find

-Mask: Scuba Pro D Mask

Rob's favorite dive site: #8 Ball Molasses Reef

Rob's favorite marine life:
Hammerhead Sharks

Rocky Raby - Instructor
Sea Dwellers Dive Shop Crew Key Largo Florida
Rocky came to the Keys to escape the frigid Colorado winters!  He is both a PADI and SSI instructor, and he loves to travel and dive internationally.  One of his favorite places to be is under water, and truly loves spending time in Thailand when not in the Keys teaching Scuba!
Jim Schmeiser - Instructor
Sea Dwellers Dive Shop Crew Key Largo Florida
Jim has been diving since the early 90's and has been in the Keys for quite some time! He is one of our amazing PADI & SSI instructors, and he is in fact our most senior employee at Sea Dwellers, having worked here as a divemaster and instructor since 1992!
Natalie Springer - Divemaster
Sea Dwellers Dive Shop Crew Key Largo Florida
Natalie was born and raised in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania!  She has been diving for over 6 years, and she's been a dive professional for 5 years!  Growing up, her family used to go on a ton of snorkel excursions, and after one of the trips she decided she wanted to get closer to the reef.  Shortly after she got scuba certified, and the rest is history!

Sea Dwellers Dive Shop Crew Key Largo Florida

Fun fact about Natalie:
She has a major obsession with sharks!!

Highest level of certification: Divemaster

Natalie's favorite dive gear:
- Regulator: AquaLung
- BCD: AquaLung Lotus
- Fins: Mares Volo Race
- Mask: Mares Sea-lhouette

Natalie's favorixte dive site: Banana Patch

Natalie's favorite marine life: Eagle Ray

Haley Saba - Divemaster
Sea Dwellers Dive Shop Crew Key Largo Florida

Haley is one of our Divemasters, coming to us from Newport Beach, California! She has been diving for 6 years, and she's been a dive professional for over a year!  She first became interested in diving from a young age because she always knew she wanted to be a marine biologist!  As a college student who was majoring in marine science, she figured it'd be a great idea to get her scuba certification!

Fun facts about Haley: 
She is majoring in marine science/biology at the University of Miami. 

She volunteers in a coral lab where she conducts studies to try to increase coral thermo-tolerance. 

She is a huge Miami Heat fan!

Highest level of certification: Divemaster 


Haley's favorite dive gear: 

-Regulator: Atomic 

-BCD: AquaLung 

-Fins: Atomic 

-Mask: Atomic 

Haley's favorite dive site: Aquarium on Molasses Reef

Haley's favorite marine life: Eagle Rays