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Meet the Crew
Sea Dwellers Dive Center


      Brian & Anjelique

Our fearless leaders, Brian & Anjelique, moved to Key Largo
from San Antonio.   Brian is a PADI & SSI Instructor while
Anjelique is a PADI and SSI Dive Master.  Brian's favorite
dive site in the Keys is the USCGC Duane and Anjelique loves
diving on the shallow wreck of the Benwood.


Captain Doug Captain Travis Captain Russell
Captain Doug was born in Tennessee and
moved to the Florida Keys to follow his
passion for the ocean! He is a PADI
Instructor, a Captain (Obviously!),
and a fun person to be on the boats with!
Captain Travis learned to dive in Texas
and moved to the Keys 10 years ago.  On
top of being a Captain, he is also a PADI &
NAUI Instructor!

Captain Rob
Captain Rob has been in the Florida Keys for
over 10 years! He and his wife are both avid
divers and sailors!

Jeremy is our head instructor as well as an SSI Trainer and PADI MSDT.  Jeremy has been with Sea Dwellers for over 15 years!  If you have any training questions, Jeremy is your guy!
  Rob A
Rob is an SSI instructor, PADI staff instructor, and a DAN instructor who came to us all the way from Boston! Rob is a PADI MSDT and loves spending his weeks in the water!
Rocky is our newest member to the Sea Dwellers family! Rocky came to the Keys to escape the frigid Colorado winters!
Jim has been diving since the early 90's and has been in the Keys for quite some time! He is one of our amazing PADI & SSI instructors!

Dive Masters
Nick Jeff  
Nick has also been with Sea Dwellers
for over 15 years! He is our Dive Master
extraordinaire and jack
of all trades in the water!
Jeff is our surfer kid from California!
Currently working on his Captain's License,
he will be found either mating one the boats
or under the water guiding!

Shop Staff
Amber has been working in diving since
she moved to the Keys in 2017 from
Oklahoma!  She's your girl when organizing
big group trips that come down our way!