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Sea Dwellers Dive Center is excited to offer both PADI and SSI Dive Courses! 
From Discover Scuba to Instructor Trainer, we are your one-stop-shop for all your dive training needs!
SSI and PADI are the two largest and most well known certification agencies in the world and certifications from both agencies are accepted everywhere in the world. The differences between them are minimal and we don't care which you choose, we are going to teach you the EXACT same skills, they just might be called something slightly different between the agencies. Whichever agency you prefer and feel comfortable with we will be more than happy to teach you!

To learn more about each agency, just click on their logo!

PADI Key Largo Dive Training Center       SSI Key Largo Dive Training Center
Simple, having been in business since 1972, we are the longest standing dive shop in the Florida Keys and that says it all. In the Dive Capital of the WORLD, you don't stick around long as a business unless you are absolutely nailing it. Each guest joining Sea Dwellers receives top notch quality of service from our shop, quality of instruction from our staff of world class Instructors, and quality of guest experience provided by our phenomenal boat Captains and Mates, balanced with the VERY reasonable rates we charge to our guests, we can't be beat. Your safety is our #1 priority, as such, we hire only the best and most experienced Instructors we possibly can. Most of them have been doing this for a few decades and have a few thousand dives under their belts, but if you get one of our younger Instructors, don't worry, they too, have MANY years of experience and tons of dive experience. Our entire staff and crew are background checked, randomly drug tested, and participate in regular safety training sessions overseen by our local Coast Guard sector, as well as maintain all required CPR, AED, First Aid and Emergency Oxygen Administration certifications and enroll in continuing education seminars for Scuba Instructors on a regular basis. All of our Instructors are insured, in good standing and permitted to teach, as well as being current on all requirements by their training agency/agencies. Your enjoyment is our #1.1 priority. Don’t take our word for it, feel free to check out our reviews on Google, Trip Advisor, Facebook, etc., and see what others say about what experiences we deliver.

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What's Included In Your Course?
  • More Pool Time – Sea Dwellers’ Instructors are here to help you learn. The pool session consists of swim test, demonstration of each required skill by our Instructor, followed by evaluation of each skill executed by the student. Please plan your trip for at minimum two full days in Key Largo with our shop. Our Open Water course includes a second pool session if needed. While many students are able to complete the pool session on the first day, sometimes we will need to get you back in the pool for a second session on day two. This usually happens when we either aren't able to successfully complete all of the required pool skills on day one or when a student needs a bit of extra practice with a few skills that may have presented a challenge on day one and we want to ensure that they get a chance to work on it before the open water evaluation. If you are a rockstar in the water, or if we were able to complete all of the pool skills on day one, your Instructor will let you know that you will have the morning session on day two off and you can enjoy sleeping in a bit and maybe going for breakfast at Doc's Diner (a local FAVORITE) before joining us for your afternoon boat trip.
  • Open Water Checkout Dives - Spend 2 incredible afternoons doing a total of 4 open water checkout dives out on our stunningly beautiful reefs. Your checkout dives will consist of demonstrating the same skills you practiced in the pool in real world conditions under the direct supervision of your Instructor. When weather conditions don't permit the boat to safely leave the dock, we have a few options for our students with checkout dives scheduled. We can move you to a different day that looks like conditions will be better if you have time and we have space. If that doesn't work, we can still complete your dives but they will take place either in the canal/marina where our boat is docked or in the lagoon/basin at Rowells Park. The only thing that will prevent us from being able to get you in the water is lightning. 
  • All of your rental gear for your entire training process with us. We will expertly fit you for your entire diving system from top to bottom and outfit you from our full fleet of high quality rental gear. All of our rental gear brands are known, trusted and proven as well as are regularly inspected, maintained and repaired in our on site service department. 

You can also experience our one day Discover Scuba Course, that requires NO SCUBA CERTIFICATION!!!
The full day experience includes classroom & pool instruction in the morning, followed by 2 dives on the beautiful, shallow reef on our afternoon dive boat!
See the Discover Scuba Diving Course page under the Scuba Instruction tab for more information.

For those Certified Divers who want to take their skills to another level, check out the Advanced Open Water Diver Course
and learn new skills while scuba diving Key Largo!

Sea Dwellers Philosophy about diving and learning:
We believe diving is supposed to be fun, and therefore we offer an easy going environment for you to learn in.  Therefore, we offer a calm, easy-going pace which we tailor to your particular needs. Our Instructors are all EXTREMELY experienced, and will take great care of you. That’s our promise to you!

All levels of Scuba Instruction are offered at Sea Dwellers Dive Center of Key Largo!

  • Discover Scuba Diving/Try Scuba Course
  • Open Water Diver Certification
  • Referral Dives (Checkout dives for those who did their academics and pool sessions at a different shop)
  • Advanced Open Water Diver
  • Rescue Diver
  • Master Diver
  • Divemaster
  • Snorkeler

All Students are REQUIRED to submit a Student Medical Release upon check-in, please see the Student Medical Questionnaire link under the Scuba Instruction tab for more information and to review the release.
Please note that in accordance with our cancellation policies, Sea Dwellers is not responsible for failed medical forms at the time of check-in and there will be no refunds or rain checks for failed medical forms. The medical form can be found on our website, in confirmation emails, and on PADI and SSI websites.  In the event that you check into the shop and have a medical questionnaire that requires evaluation by a medical professional and you have not received medical clearance, there will be no refunds given if you cannot obtain medical clearance. The absolute best we can do is try to move your class to another day pending availability (yours AND ours) or you may elect to bubble watch or snorkel (no refund will be given for the difference between activities).

All Students participating in a course that requires a pool session will be REQUIRED to pass a swim test that is administered at the beginning of the pool session. Each student MUST successfully demonstrate the ability to swim continuously for a total of 200 meters without stopping, without touching the bottom or sides of the pool and without use of a floatation device as well as be able to successfully complete a survival float for 10 continuous minutes either by treading water or floating on their back keeping nose and mouth above the water while not touching the bottom or sides of the pool and without use of a floatation device. In the event that any student is unable to successfully meet the minimum requirements the Instructor has discretion to grant an additional attempt on the basis of reasonable expectation for success with re-attempt. If a student’s demonstration of skills and ability during the first attempt were inadequate or unsafe enough that there is no reasonable expectation of success on re-attempt, the Instructor has the right to deny a second attempt. If for ANY reason, a student is unable to successfully meet the minimum requirements during a second attempt, our Instructors reserve the right to disqualify that student from continuing in the course for their own safety as well as for the safety of others in the water including the Instructor.

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