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Discover Scuba Diving Course
Discover Scuba Diving in Key Largo with the oldest dive center in the Florida Keys. No certification required! 
Experience and explore the MAGIC of scuba diving in only ONE DAY!

Dying to go scuba diving on your vacation and realized that you need to be a certified diver? Not anymore!!!
Welcome to the wonderful world of DISCOVER SCUBA DIVING where you can get the best of both worlds in only ONE DAY!!
Discover Scuba is a course designed to provide our guests with a one day scuba experience WITHOUT certification.

There is absolutely nothing like breathing underwater for the very first time! Scuba diving DOES take a little getting used to –after all, human beings weren’t designed to be under the surface of the water – but after a few minutes of acclimation, Discover Scuba Students will experience the awestruck wonder and beauty of seeing the ocean from a perspective unlike ANY OTHER and most participants realize how easy diving really is. 
This course was primarily designed for those who want to experience scuba diving on vacation and are not already certified, those who want to scuba dive and don't have the time to take a full certification course all at once and those who aren't sure if they are ready to commit to taking a full open water certification course. 

At Sea Dwellers Dive Center of Key Largo, the BIGGEST challenge our WORLD CLASS instructors face with our Discover Scuba Diving students is not coaxing participants INTO the water, but getting them back OUT when the dives are done! 

What will the day of your course look like?

-730 am check in begins at the Dive Center. Our friendly and highly experienced Shop Staff will check you in, collect any payments due, verify waivers and all student paperwork is completed and introduce you to your Instructor for the day. 
-Your Instructor will conduct a short classroom session upstairs and then get you outfitted with your dive gear and head to the pool at the Holiday Inn right across the street from the shop. You will be in the pool for approximately 2 - 2.5 hours.
-Upon arrival at the pool, your instructor will administer a basic swim test to verify that you are able to swim well enough to safely be allowed to go out in the open ocean for the afternoon guided reef dives. (see our FAQs for details on the swim test)
-After passing the swim test, you will move on to learning the basic skills of scuba diving including basic safety skills such as how to remove and replace your regulator, how to flood and clear your mask, how to hover and a few other items.
-Once you have completed the pool session, your instructor will do a quick debriefing and release you for a short lunch break before having you return to a prearranged location for departure on our afternoon dive boat. (expect about a 60-90 minute break)
-Around 1230-1245 pm, we will begin boarding the boat with students for that day as well as any other certified divers, snorkelers and riders going out to enjoy some bubble therapy.
-At 1 pm the boat will depart and head out to visit two spectacular sites out of more than 100 different dive and snorkel sites in the Key Largo area.
-Upon arrival at the first location, your Instructor and the boat crew will help you get geared up and splash you in for your first of two mindblowing dives of the day.
-Your instructor will take you on 2 guided dives, (usually 25 - 55 minutes of dive time per dive depending on how everyone's air consumption rates are) 
-After the end of your second dive, enjoy some fun in the sun as you hang out with everyone on the boat for the ride back to shore. We will snag a few pics of you and your group if you brought friends or family along. Be sure to keep an eye out for DOLPHINS coming to play and surf in the wake from our boat as we head in for the day!!!
-We will return to the dock around 430-530 in the afternoon, just in time for you to splurge in our retail shop and snag your MUST HAVE souveniers (like our 'I did my FIRST OCEAN DIVES at Sea Dwellers Dive Center' sticker) before heading to an amazing dinner in town and talking nonstop about your incredible day!

Course Includes: All rental scuba gear, classroom and pool sessions, a seat on our afternoon departing dive boat, 2 guided dives on a shallow reef, complementary reef safe sunscreen, ice water & cookies on the boat. 
Also Included in the course: MEMORIES TO LAST A LIFETIME!!!

Gratuities for your Instructor, and Boat Crew are customary and very much appreciated. Our crew works VERY hard to keep you safe and show you an amazing time, please take this into consideration when planning your trip. Please see the Trip Advice from the Pros page under the "About Us" tab for more information on gratuities as well as some very helpful tips to plan for your trip with us!

All Discover Scuba Students must be at least 10 years old to participate.

All Discover Scuba students will be at a student/Instructor ratio of NO MORE THAN 4:1 during the open water portion of your course.The pool session has a ratio of up to 8 students per instructor.

All of the dives for Discover Scuba Students will be less than 40 feet (usually around 20-35 feet).

Students are required to provide their own swimsuit/bathing suit, towels, and any food/snacks/drinks desired.

Course available 7 days a week space and weather permitting.

ALL STUDENTS MUST review the Student Medical Release (located under the Scuba Instruction tab) and follow the directions on the front page. If you answer "yes" to any of the questions that indicate evaluation by a qualified medical professional is necessary, you will be required to visit the doctor PRIOR to arrival for your course to obtain the required approval. If you can honestly answer "no" to the questions on the release, then don't worry about filling one out prior to arrival, you'll fill it out the morning of your course in the shop. It's EXTREMELY important to be honest on the questionnaire, please see the disclaimer on the Student Medical Release link for the reasons why.

Course price: $225+ tax (all-inclusive)
ALL students participating in Instruction Courses with Sea Dwellers receive a 15% discount on retail merchandise in our shop! 
Discount does not apply to courses, trips, rental gear, gift certificates, jewelry or handpainted sea biscuits.

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