Why Key Largo Diving?

March 18, 2015

Top answers to “Why Key Largo Diving?”

There are many places you can go on a scuba diving vacation, right?  So, “why Key Largo diving?”…some might ask. Well maybe you think us Conchs hanging out way down south in the Florida Keys are pretty isolated…but we do hear things…as the ‘ol saying goes.  And here are top 3 answers for that simple question above.

Reason #1 – Key Largo Marine LifeFlorida keys diving, schooling fishes!

According to the REEF Foundation, there are 2 dive sites in the Florida Keys diving rated in the Top 20 dive sites with the greatest abundance and diversity of marine life in the entire Carribbean. Molasses Reef and French Reef.  That’s a lot of awesome dive sites, so we’re pretty proud of that! About 30 years ago, Rick Freshee, a world-renowned Underwater Photographer and good friend of my father, made the comment…”Key Largo is one of the top spots in the world for schooling fishes”… and Rick would certainly know. Before he passed at a too-young age, he traveled the world for decades to diving destinations far and wide.  So this comment is pretty signifigant, and Key Schooling Spadefish off key LargoLargo IS still known for the schooling fish for those that know.  But scuba divers know that the Florida Keys are also one of the top areas in the Caribbean for bigger fish like Grouper and Snapper whose numbers have unfortunately continued to drop in many islands in the Caribbean due to over-fishing. It’s really a shame, but it’s true…the marine life in many places in the caribbean are in decline. Thanks to the efforts of many divers and Dive Centers in the Florida Keys, along with the implementation of the Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary, the marine life here is NOT in decline today on our reefs we’re happy to report!


Reason #2 – Accessibility of the Florida Keys

It’s simple really.  You can drive here, and you do not need a passport to visit & dive.  We do not charge you an entry or exit fee like many islands do… (what ARE those about anyway and who really gets the dough???)     We speak your language, and as much as I hate to say this… we do not hate you.  (Note this only applies to a few dive destinations in exotic places, but it is an emerging reality in the world we live in).

Reason #3 – The Florida Keys are just cool… ya know?Florida Keys and hemingway

Hemingway, Buffet, Rum Runners, Key Lime Pie & fish sandwiches.  Pretty cool, huh? Oh, and lots of sunshine and great scuba diving.  Now why the heck wouldn’t you want to come on down and do some Key largo Diving?

Let us know if you have any other reasons…


PS – thanks to Jim Matyszyk and Bob Haff for the Schooling fish photographs!