New Underwater Photography Series!

April 2, 2015

“Key Largo Diving Blog” talks Photography

Underwater Photography Instructor Dave Jefferiss

Underwater Photography Instructor Dave Jefferiss

We’re excited to announce that we will be posting a new series of Blogs exploring Underwater Photography in all it’s exciting aspects!   Sea Dwellers Dive Center’ Instructor Dave Jefferiss is the catalyst for this idea, and he will be providing several blogs in the series. I will also be creating a blog or 2, and expect a post from Captain/Instructor and long time underwater Photographer Scott Rodman.  One thing the 3 of us have in common is a passion for Photography, so this will be a lot of fun for us and hopefully useful for you!

Underwater Photography, ever thought about trying it?

For those of you who are already into underwater photography, I hope we can offer some good new information for you…. and maybe even some additional inspiration!  For those scuba divers who have thought about Photography but never tried it, we hope to shed some light on the craft, give you a reason or two to start shooting, and offer some suggestions on how best to do so!

Scott on the Wreck of the Spiegel Grove!

30 Year Instructor & long time Underwater Photographer Scott Rodman.

“Digital” Underwater Photography

To be honest, it’s probably not necessary to include “digital” anymore when talking about Photography, whether underwater or anywhere!  The reality is that Digital has come a long way in a short time, and digital may be the biggest technological revolution ever in the history of Photography. Most professionals now agree, digital is simply “better” than Film at this point. What many refer to as the “look” of film, is simply the shortcomings of that medium that digital has eradicated. (I wonder if there is anyone out there who takes exception to this?).  Some may still prefer the “look” of film, and that is fine as it is subjective. But the truth is that digital sensors have eliminated the shortfalls of film that gave it that “look”.  (More on that later).

Scuba Diving for the first time?

For me, photography has enhanced the experience of Scuba Diving. I remember the first time I did a dive with a camera in my hands…it was if I was seeing the underwater world for the first time!  It was a new experience and a great feeling.

Scuba Diving with Camera

Rob Haff & father Bob Haff with cameras in hand!

Learn More

So look for the upcoming blogs we call collectively the “Underwater Photography Series”, and please feel free to give us feedback, we’d love to hear your thoughts!  Of course, Sea Dwellers Dive Center of Key Largo offers a great course in underwater Photography for those who either want an Introduction to it, or are looking to expand their horizons. Think “Key Largo Diving” with a camera, sound like fun?  Trust us, it is!

Rob Haff
Sea Dwellers Dive Center of Key Largo