…the diving has been really good in Key Largo…

August 9, 2013

Divers love reef sharks!Man, has the diving been good here lately.  I mean, we’ve been seeing Goliath Groupers, reef sharks, bait balls…and yes, even a Great White Shark! These are things we’ve always seen…at times, but never with this frequency.  After a slow spring, with more bad weather than anyone can remember…for the last 6 weeks things have just been incredible on the reef.

We’re happy about this of course, and we’re also happy to see a lot of divers here also.  It’s been a little slow here  the last few years, but it seems like suddenly divers are taking vacations again…a good sign for businesses here, but also a sign that America is doing better maybe?


And the health of the reefs has been getting better, we think, at least in the short term as shown by all these critters we’ve been seeing so much of.  This is good for businesses, divers, vacationers…and us, because we simply love the Keys and especially the reef here, the only living coral barrier reef in North America.

So we think this is something to celebrate, and we’ll keep you updated on the critters!