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Meet the Scuba Instructors!

Dive Instructor Jeremy

We’re proud to announce this new blog…part of the “Meet the Scuba Instructor” Series, starting with Jeremy Weeks!  Instructor Jeremy has been with Sea Dwellers for almost 9 years now, and has certified quite a few divers at this point!  We’re happy to say that we get a lot of good feedback about Jeremy from our customers, (just check out our TripAdvisor Page)…which is good for everyone.  Scuba diving is not a “natural” thing for many folks starting out, and Jeremy has a knack for making people comfortable in the water so they can enjoy diving. At Sea Dwellers we believe that “diving is fun”, and should not be a high-pressure situation, so we strive to create an easy-going, safe atmosphere for people to learn in.  All of our Instructors have adopted this philosophy, and we pride ourselves on our Instruction. Being a good Dive Instructor starts with enjoying what you do, and as you will see from this interview, Jeremy loves to scuba dive!

A special thanks to our good friend and great scuba diver Tomek for creating this wonderful video! Tomek is part of the JetBlue Team, and we’re extremely proud to consider ourselves the “JetBlue Dive Center”!

You can check out Tomek, Jeremy, Sea Dwellers and some of the JetBlue staff we’ve certified here on the “Scuba Blue” website!

We hope you enjoy Jeremy’s Interview and thanks to all!
Sea Dwellers Dive Center of Key Largo


Sea Dwellers Dive Center of Key Largo now an SSI Dive Center!


Scuba Schools International
Scuba Schools International
Scuba  Instruction in Key largo

Better Instruction Results in Better, More Committed Scuba Divers!

Sea Dwellers Dive Center of Key Largo has always taken pride in our Scuba Instruction, and we’ve always tried to offer more for our students. Most of you already know that we offer 6 Open Water dives with our basic Open Water Course, and this has made the course very popular for obvious reasons. But most importantly, we feel that we’re producing better scuba divers. From the feedback we’ve gotten from our students it seems that most agree! 


SSI & Sea Dwellers Dive Center of Key Largo… Offering More!

Scuba Schools International believes that the well-trained scuba diver is the “committed” scuba diver, and we couldn’t agree more. And we’re not only going to continue to offer more for our students, but we’re “upping the ante” so to speak. Extended time and experiences in the pool and open water environment will benefit everyone. Key Largo diving has never been better, and we’re proud to offer SSI Instruction to our customers and fellow scuba divers! 


Thanks and best to all from your Sea Dwellers Staff!

 Scuba Schools International

Your favorite Key Largo Dive Center, (yes, that’s Sea Dwellers, right?)…just spent part of last week completing our SSI Instructor Training Course. This means that we are now not only PADI Instructors but also SSI Instructors. Scuba Schools International, already one of the largest scuba diving Instructional agencies in Europe, is also expanding rapidly in the USA and now we’re happy to say that we’re a part of that!. 

Our staff had a great time!  SSI Instructor Trainer Michael Steidley ran the training and we can’t say enough about him. Michael has just a bit of experience in scuba diving….diving since 1968 with every certification you could possibly imagine…and then some. As most of you know our Instructors here at Sea Dwellers Dive Center are pretty darn experienced, but every one of us, (even Scott), got a lot out of our training with Michael.

Go on an Adventure with the PADI Discover Scuba Diving Course

This has been a good year so far for Key Largo.  We’ve seen more folks down here this year than we’ve seen in quite a few, which is encouraging!  New instruction-2visitors mean new divers, and this year we’ve stepped up our “Discover Scuba Course”. You don’t have to be a diving expert to explore the great deep blue sea below. All it takes is a little dedication, and an underwater adventure with the PADI Discover Scuba® Diving experience course with Sea Dwellers Dive Center.

The first step to learning how to breath underwater and of course explore everything below the water is to spend a little time in the pool, learning the basics, before heading to the shallow reef. Our Instructors here at Sea Dwellers of Key Largo help new scuba divers learn how to use scuba diving equipment, and get prepared to scuba dive on their own in the beautiful, clear waters of Key Largo, in the Florida Keys.

Although this PADI Discover Scuba® Diving course won’t provide you with actual scuba certification, it does give you a fast and easy introduction to discovering what it takes to explore underwater worlds safely and observe interesting sea dwelling animals. You will also get to explore shallow water reefs, and finally dive in Key Largo for the very first time!

2One of our joys is seeing the happy faces of first-time scuba divers. And it seems that trying this sport is a “goal”, or a “life experience” for many of them. So it’s important to them, which makes it all the more rewarding for us.  It’s nice to play a part in someone’s “life experience” that they will probably remember for the rest of their life!   Many end up becoming scuba certified also.

It is important to understand that scuba diving is relatively different from swimming, and as such takes a little time to feel comfortable. Yet, even if you’re not great at swimming, you can still discover how easy it is to scuba dive with the PADI Discover Scuba® Diving course.

Once you realize how easy it is to “breathe underwater”, the rest is pure excitement as you discover the underwater world for the first time!   Anyone interested?

Sea Dwellers Dive Center of Key Largo

Good Bye Scuba Instructor Daire!

Every summer, Sea Dwellers brings in help for the busy dive season.  This is in the form of Divemasters, Instructors, and daire1Divemaster Candidates.  This year, we had the pleasure of working with Daire Kennedy, a young PADI Instructor from Dublin Ireland.

Daire arrived at Sea Dwellers Dive Center in the nick of time!   After a slow winter and an average Spring, we were weary of a less-than-great scuba summer.  But as things worked out, the weather turned hot, the wind died down, the blue water came in, and the dive season took off big time. So Daire came at the right time. And being the intelligent young man that he is, he picked our system right up and, well…worked his tail off for 2 and a half months.  We all worked pretty hard, which is nice after being so unusually slow before the summer arrived.

Daire was an excellent Scuba Instructor as it turned out, and we got quite a few compliments about his work.  He’s also a good guy.  Now he’s heading back to Ireland to go back to school….start back to work on his degree in….Neuroscience. Yes, you heard me correctly…Neuroscience.

photo (5)

So we had a going-away party of sorts for Daire a few days ago.   The staff all got together to say good-bye, and thanks.  We all engaged in…well… in general revelry.   We all relaxed, cut loose a little, and had a few.   It was good fun bonding after working very hard for the summer.  We discussed our Scuba Instructional techniques;  reviewed our Dive Policies; talked over possible improvements; and compared class grading scales.  And we had a few.

But most importantly, we said good-bye to our new friend, Daire. We wish him all the best in the future, and hope to see him again in the not-too-distant future.


Learning to Dive

Here’s a perspective on “Learning to Scuba Dive, a Beginner’s Perspective”,  a video done by Boulder TV here at Sea Dwellers Dive Center in Key Largo with Rob Haff.  In it, Rob talks about scuba diving for the first time and how that feels to most of us “land creatures”  when we first immerse into the blue.   Rob also talks about how Sea Dwellers Dive Center understands this feeling that dive beginners have, and how we work to make it a good experience.

Diving in Key Largo for the first time is, for many, a wonderful experience that most will never forget.  Rob believes that for a lot of us, the “beginner’s experiences”, are some of the best experiences, as everything is new and exciting.

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