Reef Sharks Mean Healthier Reefs in Key Largo!

April 3, 2014

Last year divers of Sea Dwellers Dive Center started reporting seeing more Carribbean Reef Sharks on dives on the reefs of Key Largo.  This trend has accelerated this year as divers are now seeing Reef Sharks on almost every reef dive we do. This has come to the attention of other dive vessels here in Key Largo.


Reef Shark by Andrew JalbertThis is a good sign, according to what we’ve learned here at Sea Dwellers Dive Center!

According to the conclusion to a study on this exact subject conducted just last year in Australia; “When shark populations in a coral reef system are severely reduced due to commercial fishing, herbivorous fish that graze on algae may also decline. Fewer herbivorous fish to keep algae growth in check in turn harms coral reefs. Conclusion: Healthy shark populations may aid the recovery of coral reefs whose futures are threatened across the globe”.

And another study conducted last year in Indonesia, where sharks are being over-fished at dramatic levels, concluded; “Reef systems are being hurt by anthropogenic effects from two directions: by environmental changes causing reef collapse at the bottom, and by overfishing of sharks at the top.

As some of you scuba divers may already know from previous posts we’ve made, the reefs of Key Largo are already considered to be some of the most diverse in the Caribbean as far as marine life is concerned. So we’re hoping that this new development is another positive sign for the health of our Barrier reef, which is the only barrier reef in North America.

Best to all,
Sea Dwellers Dive Center of Key Largo