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Open Water Referral / Checkout Dives

Complete Your Certification While Diving Key Largo!

If you have started your Open Water Certification Course in your home town, and have completed the academic and pool Instruction, you can complete your certification while scuba diving Key Largo’s beautiful reefs! Our 2 day Open Water Referral Checkout Dives includes 2 boat trips for a total of 4 dives and all equipment, and we can usually do the dives on any 2 days you like! Sea Dwellers Dive Center has issued over literally thousands of certifications in our 50+ year history in the Florida Keys. You’ll find our Instructors ready to Dive a PADI scuba facility help you achieve your Open Water Diver Certification, whether you are in a full course with us or just needing to complete the Open Water dive requirements. Our staff are cross-trained with both SSI & PADI for checkout dives.

Our dive sites are perfect for training, with large number of dive sites about 30 minutes from our dock. Sea Dwellers Dive Center of Key Largo is a great choice for completing your Open Water certification dives while on vacation. Our boats are custom designed for diving comfort, and our Instructors & crew are here for you, and you only! No corporate diving here, only personalized service for your safety & comfort. Call toll-free today to book your referral certification dives, we’re here to get you going anytime of the year!

We offer SSI & PADI Dive Instructors and can complete either Certification!

After you’ve completed the classroom and pool/confined water sessions prior to arriving here in Key Largo, you’re just about ready dive into our beautiful blue water! So you are prepared to go diving on your first day, please bring the following items with you here for check in:

  • Referral Paperwork from your dive center/instructor – completely filled out and within 12 months of your class start date.
  • Medical Questionnaire – completely filled out and within 12 months of your class start date (copy of doctor’s release, if it was required).
  • Dive Logbook – with pool & confined water sessions pages completed and signed off by your previous instructor.
  • Timing device/watch/dive computer – It’s required to have some type of device to keep track of your time underwater.

Any student participating in Instruction Courses with Sea Dwellers has a 20% off discount for any items in our shop.