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Open Water Diver Certification Course

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Get more with your Open Water diver Certification Course!
When you take your Open Water Diver Certification Instruction with Sea Dwellers Dive Center you get more for your money. With our Open Water Certification

Courses you get…

  • 6 Open Water Dives – 2 more dives than the minimum required, and 2 more than most others offer you; see more of our beautiful reefs!
  • More Pool Time – Sea Dwellers’ Instructors are here to help you learn, it all starts in the pool, take as much time as you need!
  • No Pressure – We believe that scuba diving should be fun, and we’re here to work with you at your own pace!
  • Learn at home on your PC or iPad – We can register you for the online version of the academics, call us toll-free for this option!

The “Ultimate Dive Experience”
While training develops knowledge and skills, the only way to get experience is to go diving. This is why Sea Dwellers & SSI encourages more open water dives during training instead of just the minimum number of dives as required by industry standards. The more you dive, the more you will enjoy the sport! With us you get more diving, explore new worlds,meet new friends ad see why diving with SSI stands for “The Ultimate Dive Experience”! We believe that the more diving you are able to do when you first get scuba certified, the more likely you will be to come back down diving again in the not too distant future. This is our goal, to provide you with ample time in the water to enable you to be comfortable, and happy with your abilities, which will entice you to keep diving! The happy diver is the diver that will keep diving! We specialize in scuba Instruction, our course is different than others, and it shows in the popularity of our Instructional courses, and it also shows in the number of repeat customers we have return year after year to dive with us! We’re grateful for our customers, and we strive to make diving fun!

How Does It Work?
Just click the banner below to register & start your academics now…there is no fee to register & do your academics! Then call us toll-free and reserve the in-water portion of your course! The online training is included in your fee you pay when you arrive for your course here in Key Largo!