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Event Details

Coral Restoration Dives

When: Dec 1, 2021
9:00 am
Details: Join Sea Dwellers Dive Center and Coral Restoration Foundation™ at Carysfort Reef, one of the Florida Keys Mission Iconic sites, Coral Restoration Foundation’s showcase restoration site and home of Coral Restoration Foundation’s second largest Coral Tree™ nursery.

Hands-on training starts at 9 am at the Coral Restoration Foundation™ Exploration Center at 5 Seagate Boulevard Key Largo.

There will be a break for lunch before check-in at the dive shop at 12:00. Afternoon dives will be from 1 to 5 pm, during which we may visit the Carysfort Coral Nursery, return corals to their reef home, visit an active restoration site and help prevent the extinction of an endangered species. (Restoration activities are weather pending.)

This program incurs the dive operator cost and a $50 per person donation to Coral Restoration Foundation™. Please contact Sea Dwellers for diving rates or explore our website at

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