Mares Scuba Equipment!

July 4, 2015

Sea Dwellers Dive Center | The newest Mares Scuba Equipment dealer in Key Largo!

Dive Key largo with Mares

We’ve been diving Key largo for a long time now, and we’re psyched to be offering this additional line of equipment. Most of the staff has outfitted themselves already, and we’re happy to say Mares has lived up to it’s great reputation!  In particular, we’re impressed with the Computers.

Mares Smart Computer

Sea Dwellers’ Instructors Jeremy and  Jarrod have both been diving with the Mares Smart Computer for over a week now.  Both seem to love it. Wrist computers have come a long way, and these are about the best we’ve seen in this price catagory.  10 years ago you’d have to pay 3 times what Mares is charging for the Smart….it’s good to be scuba diving in 2015!Mares scuba equipment in Key Largo

Scuba divers tend to be, well…”equipment geeks”, don’t you think?  Well we’re no exception and we’ve all been enjoying the newest stuff from Mares.

It’s been a great summer diving Key largo this year, and we’re enjoying the blue warm water. Now we’re also enjoying Mares Scuba Diving Equipment!  Come on down and check it out…

the Sea Dwellers Staff