Manta Ray performs for Sea Dwellers’ divers in Key Largo

July 16, 2014

Some divers on our reef trip got an unexpected show the other day. Long time Sea Dweller divers Nancy and Heather Jones, from Rocky Mount, North Carolina, were confronted by a Manta Ray during their dive. As you can see by the video taken by Heather, the beautiful creature gave them quote the show! Barrel roll after barrel roll… he performed wonderfully!

Manta rays are large eagle rays belonging to the genus Manta. Mantas can be found in temperate, subtropical and tropical waters….according to Wikipedia. Interestingly, up until the last 4 or 5 years Mantas were rarely if ever sighted here off Florida Keys waters. I have been here my whole life and never did we come across a Manta over those decades. But now, much to our delight, every year several of these creatures spend some time on the dive sites here off Key Largo. Sea Dwellers Dive Center hopes these Mantas will continue to visit us every year!

A special thanks to Nancy & Heather for providing this wonderful video!