Key Largo Reunion 2013

November 7, 2013

We had a wonderful time again this year for our “7th Annual Sea Dweller Reunion Weekend”.  We had participants from New York, California, Florida, North Carolina, Arizona, New Jersey, Wisconsin, Illinois and South Carolina.  All scuba diving key Largo with Sea Dwellers…not for the first time.  As a matter of fact, some of this year’s participants have been diving with us for decades.

Coral Restoration Foundation

The weather certainly cooperated.  It was warm and sunny topside, mild seas and lots of critters as usual.  We had for crf3our event  “special guest” the Coral Restoration Foundation. Everyone enjoyed the CRF immensly, and it’s nice raising funds for this worthy cause. The CRF gives hope to the future of Coral Reefs in these difficult environmental times we live in today, and we are glad to give support to them and hope anyone who enjoys scuba diving or simply appreciates the underwater world would consider helping them also.  We met at the CRF office building for a presentation on the CRF, and followed this up with 2 dives on the Restoration nursery and then on a Restoration site.  Everyone seemed to really enjoy this enlightening and educational experience.  The event also includes…more scuba diving of course, sunset champagne cruise, costume party and prizes and some other things which vary slightly from weekend to weekend.

The Sea Dweller Reunion has become a great event for us here at Sea Dwellers Dive Center, as the participants are always divers who we know very well and are basically our friends as well as our customers.   Being as the event is usually right after the end of our busy season, the staff here looks forward to this weekend spent with friends and fellow workers enjoying the party and events associated with the weekend.  Basically, we enjoy Reunion Weekend ourselves…it’s not just another work weekend but lots of fun!

So we can say that the “7th Annual Sea Dwellers Reunion Weekend” was a success. We owe it all to the great folks who came from far away to dive Key Largo with us here at Sea Dwellers Dive Center. Thanks to our greatest supporters and friends, we couldn’t do any of this without you!

Nov, 7th