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Key Largo Dive + Hotel Packages
You mean I can have access to Sea Dwellers Dive Center shop & boat as well as TONS of restaurants, bars, night life, shopping and entertainment all within STEPS of my hotel room???
YES...That's EXACTLY what we mean!!!

Sea Dwellers Dive Center offers Key Largo diving packages with 3 different Hotels on the centrally located Key Largo Harbor Marina, just steps from your dive boat! Dive Packages include discounts on rooms & diving. Enjoy access to MANY fan favorite Key Largo restaurants and bars ranging all across the budget spectrum (relatively speaking...we are still in the Keys...but ask us for a few local gems that are actually budget friendly as vouched for by our crew), all within easy walking distance of your hotel of choice. Additionally, enjoy easy access to local shops, galleries and other entertainment! Central, convenient and cozy!
Building your dive and stay package is simple: Select your hotel and desired number of nights, then decide how much you want to dive! The more you dive the more you save... 

Hotel prices quotes are per room (up to 4 persons), and do not include the cost of boat trips. We can offer any combination in length of stay and amount of dive trips! Simply email or call us for custom pricing!

In addition to our hotel packages, we also offer easy booking for multiple other activities ranging from Miami all the way down to Key West! All of the activities advertised are family friendly, affordable and most of all FUN! Check them out under the "Book More Keys Activities" tab! Click the activity, select your date, and instantly book the rest of your activities in one convenient location!

305-451-3640 or

When calling for dive + hotel package rates, or when you are ready to book your trip, please have as much of the following information available as possible to expedite your reservation process. We know you have more important things to get EXCITED FOR YOUR TRIP TO KEY LARGO!!!
~ Desired check in and check out dates for hotel
~ Date/time of first desired dive trip
~Is the trip for fun dives or are we arranging scuba instruction courses as well?
~ How long has it been since divers' last logged scuba dive? Less than 1 year ago = good to go. 1 - 2 years ago = guide REQUIRED for at least 1st dive trip. More than 2 years ago = refresher course REQUIRED either with us or prior to arrival with proof provided upon arrival.
~ How many guests will be joining on the boat and will they be diving, snorkeling, or riding?
~ How many trips per day will you be joining? We offer 2 trips per day, each trip consists of 2 dives. You can get up to 4 dives per day with us
~ Will anyone need rental dive gear (all snorkel gear excluding wetsuits is included for snorkelers) see 'Dive & Snorkel Prices' under the "Prices & Sites" tab for cost breakdown.
~ Will the divers be requesting a guide? We have private and non-private options available. See above for pricing information.
 ~If you will be flying flying out at the end of your trip, have you made sure to compensate for the minimum required amount of time out of the water prior to your scheduled flight? Remember...despite our typical shallow dive profiles, multiple days of diving, especially if you are planning to dive all day for a few days, you need at LEAST 24 hours out of the water for off gassing built up nitrogen before flying. This time standard is in accordance with current safety recommendations from DAN and all major scuba training agencies.

305-451-3640 or

We strongly advise you to check online to verify that you are getting the best rate possible on your hotel. We will ALMOST always have the best rate you can get, BUT sometimes pigs do fly and better rates can be found out there on rare occasions. DO YOURSELF A FAVOR though and make sure that the price you are seeing states that ALL taxes and fees are included. Many of the sites are very sneaky and will lure you in with an alluring low rate only to kick you in your sensitive bits when it comes time to pay and they jump out with the "GOTCHA!"