Dive Center Frequently Asked QuestionsKey Largo Dive Center in the Florida Keys!

Why dive Key Largo?

Simple.  Marine Life.  More diversity and abundance than most places in the Caribbean.  And the schooling fishes are world class, and something the Keys has always been known for.  Since the inception of the Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary, the marine life has actually gotten more abundant than it was 10 – 15 years ago,  (something no destination in the Caribbean can say at this point.

What times do you trips leave?

We offer 2 trips daily; morning departure 8:30am, (check in is by 8am at the Dive Center), and in the afternoon 1pm departure, (12 noon check in at the Dive Center).  Both trips are 2-tank two location trips.

How do I make a reservation for a Dive & Stay Package?

Call us at 1-800-451-3640 to reserve, we are open every day of the year from 8am until 5pm.

What is your cancellation policy on Hotel Packages?

You have up to 72 hours prior to your check in date to cancel without any penalty.  If you cancel within 72 hours prior to your check in date you are charged one hotel night deposit fee.

Where can I find the Instructional Course Medical forms if I am taking a Class?

You can find it Physical Examination RSTC

How much time do I get in the water at a dive location?

You get over an hour water time for each location.

Do you offer a dive guide?

Yes, but we have a small charge for it.  When you see other shops offering a “Free Dive guide”…what that means is everyone on the boat is going to have to dive in a big group with a guide…a kind of “Cattle Dive”…and we don’t believe that makes you happy so we have a small additional charge and you get a guide who will be with you and MAYBE one or two others at the most.  A lot more fun that way!

Is Key Largo the best island in the Keys to dive?

The simple, non-politically correct answer is…YES.   The reason why is geographic….without boring anybody, basically Key Largo is the closest point in the Keys to the Gulf Stream, with it’s clear, clean blue waters.  Key Largo is also one of the longest continuous land masses in the island chain, which help keep the western Bay and Gulf waters from impeding into the reef.

Why should I dive Key Largo with Sea Dwellers Dive Center?

We are a PADI 5-Star Dive Center and Resort facility that has been serving divers in Key Largo since 1974.  We want to provide a safe, relaxed atmosphere for you so that you can enjoy your dive vacation to the maximum. You will not find any drill sergeants here barking at you because you forgot to put your snorkel in your mouth at the right time!

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