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Hall of Fame

Sea Dwellers Dive Center has been diving Key Largo since 1972!

Key Largo Hall of Fame

During this time, we’ve met a lot of great people who share our passion for scuba diving. We’re proud to say that many of these divers have continued to dive with us, many for a long time…decades even. Pretty amazing if you think about it!  

Many of these folks have become much more than customers; we consider them to be friends. It’s a wonderful thing to see the same people we’ve known for so long come back and dive with us every year. It’s special to greet them and “catch up” on our lives!  While we can’t list all our repeat divers,we decided to list those that are at 10 years or more. This is a long time, and these are a very special group of divers to us. 

We’re grateful to all our customers, but a special thank you goes out to these people below who have chosen to spend much of their vacation time over so many years with us here at Sea Dwellers Dive Center. Welcome to the “Sea Dwellers Hall of Fame”!   


Dan & Pat diving the Florida keys
Scuba diving family!
Diving key Largo
Studley diver
Carl & Mindy the key largo Diving Couple
North Carolina diving in key largo
Key Largo diving!
400 scuba dives in Key Largo
Girls diving key Largo!
scuba diving in Key Largo
Scuba in Key largo with Sea Dwellers Dive Center
The Bailey Family diving in the Florida keys
Key Largo scuba divers
The O'Boyle brothers diving in key largo


Diving Sea Dwellers 17 years! 

Joey & Ronnie – Pro Scuba Center

Diving Sea Dwellers 24 years!


Carl & Mindy

Diving Sea Dwellers 21 years! 

The Kulenguski Family

Diving Sea Dwellers 24 years! 

Dan & Pat

Diving Sea Dwellers 34 years!


Diving Sea Dwellers 27 years

The Hughes Family 

Diving Sea Dwellers 24 years!

Ellen, Connie & Terry

Diving Sea Dwellers 21 years! 

Teresa & Marc

Diving Sea Dwellers 13 years! 

Nancy (here with family)

Diving Sea Dwellers 21 years

John & Angie

Diving Sea Dwellers 14 years 


Heather & Nancy

Diving Sea Dwellers 17 years

The diving Parkers
Diving Center
Diving key largo & Sea Dwellers Dive Center!


Diving Sea Dwellers 30 years!

Brothers Mike & Pat

Diving Sea Dwellers 15 years!

Bob diving in Key Largo 24 years


Diving Sea Dwellers 25 years 

Donna & Miko

Diving Sea Dwellers 18 years! 

Steve & Donna

Diving Sea Dwellers 10 years! 

George & Cindy

Diving Sea Dwellers (a lot) 7 years 

Lucianna & Mark

Diving Sea Dwellers 12 years! 

Tean Zissou Sea Dwellers Dive center
Key Largo diver

Steve Zissou

Diving Sea Dwellers for a darn long time…


Chuck Coldiron

Diving Sea Dwellers 19 years 


James Healey

Diving Sea Dwellers 18 Years! 

Diving Key Largo 18 years!

James Tyler

Diving Sea Dwellers 18 years!

Key Largo diving for 12 years!

Peter Stanley

Diving Sea Dwellers 12 years! 


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