French Reef – Key Largo, Florida Keys

Key Largo Diving SitesFrench reef off Key Largo, Florida Keys

The triangle-shaped French Reef Sanctuary Preservation Area is north of Molasses Reef and approximately six nautical miles southeast of Key Largo. A popular dive site for scuba divers, French Reef is known for its many shallow caves which are easily accessible even to novice divers.  Most of the caves are shallow, so do not create a diving hazard, and have been named by local Scuba Diving operators.  French Reef  is located within the boundaries of the NOAA Key Largo National Marine Sanctuary.


Dive Site Map

NOAA dive site map of French Reef

french reef florida keys

Due to the structure of French Reef, it is home to many of the larger fishes, like grouper, snapper, tarpon, snook and of course many schooling fishes also. There are many dive sites on French Reef. At the south end is Hourglass Cave, named for its shape. Sand Bottom Cave, located near the center of the reef line, is known for it’s bottom composition, and the white sand creates a beautiful contrast to the light which can flood the cave from many different sources. Christmas Tree Cave is named for the large conical star coral mound that rises over the topGrouper on French Reef located at the beginning of the coral formation and is one of the largest on the reef. All are popular for scuba diving enthusiasts.  

Daily scuba diving charters are run to French Reef by Sea Dwellers Dive Center of Key Largo. Boats leave the dock at 8:30am and 1pm, both trips are 2-locations.

Call Sea Dwellers at 1-800-451-3640 for schedules and reservations.