Florida Keys Activities (After Diving)

This Blog is dedicated to scuba diving as you all know…and we all know that Key Largo is “DiveCapital of the World” But often after a great day of diving Key Largo…what do folks do to pass the time until the next dive trip? We get asked to highlight other activities here in the Keys regularly of course, and there is so much to explore between Key Largo and Key West in your free time!.

Florida Keys Overseas Highway!Let’s begin with the most straightforward option; a scenic and stunning drive south on US1, known to most world-wide as the “Overseas Highway”. This drive is the epitome of a Florida Keys vacation. To fully immerse yourself in this experience, it is highly recommended  that you spring for the rental convertible, put that top down, pull out your shades, and put on your favorite tunes.  And how about those Florida Keys bridges! There are forty-two of them and they are unlike any others anywhere! The most famous of them all, the “seven mile bridge”, connects the middle Keys to the lower Keys and is a spectacular backdrop to stop and take some pictures. Another bridge that should be noted is the old bridge to Pigeon Key. This bridge is a historical sight connecting to Pigeon Key which served as a base for railroad workers working on the Flagler railroad in the early 1900s. Nowadays, visitors can walk the two mile stretch to the key on the old railroad bridge or take a short boat ride.

Next, let’s highlight some attractions on your adventure. There are activities for everyone in theFlorida Keys Diving Museum Keys.  If you and yours happen to be “Dive-Dorks”- like myself, and enjoy history, you may want to make a stop into the in Islamorada at the “History of Diving Museum”, to learn about the evolution of Diving.

Dolphins Plus Key largoDolphins Plus of Key Largo offers many dolphin experiences for the whole family! Observe and interact with dolphins in many ways, from a dolphin swim to shadowing a dolphin trainer for a day. What’s more, Dolphins Plus is committed to educating visitors about these creatures and marine conservation.

The Turtle Hospital is a very special one of a kind place in Marathon. It is a non-profit organization that specializes in the rescue, rehab, and release of sick and injured sea turtles. Visitors can take a guided educational tour of the Hospital’s rescue efforts and meets some of its residents.

The Florida Keys Wild Bird Rehabilitation Center is another non-profit organization that is dedicated to the rescue, rehabilitate, and the release  native and migratory wild birds that have been harmed or uprooted.

Theatre of the Sea in the Florida KeysTheater of the Sea is located in Islamorada and is a go-to attraction for those who desire a variety of animal interaction programs for various ages and prices. Meet, pet, swim, and watch many offered shows.

Key Deer are very special to the Florida Keys. These miniature white-tailed deer are endangered and found only in the Keys. The National Key Deer refuge is an amazing place to learn about our special Key Deer and is located on Big Pine Key.Instructor Shorey

Certainly, scuba diving the Florida Keys is one of the biggest attractions in these islands, but there are many other fun things to see and experience here…after a great day of diving that is!

Everyone enjoy Paradise!
Sea Dwellers Dive Center Instructor Shorey


2016 Sea Dwellers’ Reunion Weekend

A Weekend of Scuba Diving in Key Largo with Great Friends!

What a blast we had again this year at our annual “Sea Dwellers Dive Center Reunion Weekend”!  We were a bit worried, the weather had gotten erratic on us, (after a great year overall), and we had a terrible weekend prior to the event.  But the dive Gods were on our side and the Key Largo weather cleared the day before the first of our 4 days of diving.

Once again, we had a great bunch of folks join us, most of which we’ve known for years…no, decades really!    The great states of California, Colorado, North Carolina, South Carolina, New York, Illinois, Connecticut, Florida, Wisconsin, and New Jersey were represented, (I know I’ve left someone out..sorry!).

The scuba diving was good, seas calm…and much marine life was experienced.  Many of our scuba divers know each other, and have been diving together for years also.  This weekend always brings like-minded people together to do what we all love a lot, scuba diving, in a tropical environment, Key Largo, Florida Keys!  What more can you ask for?

The Sea Dwellers’ Staff enjoys this weekend. It’s a great bunch of people we’ve known for so long that it’s like, well..a family reunion!  Good friends, good camaraderie, good scuba diving, good environment. We feel lucky to have such great people diving with us for so long!

Jim Matyszyk
Jim Matyszyk

Here’s just a few pictures from the weekend that we’ve gotten so far…it was a great weekend of Key largo scuba diving!  We’ll keep adding some more as we get them and thanks to all divers (and non-divers) Dive Key largo with Sea Dwellerswho attended!


Nurse shark on French reef
Jim Matyszyk


scuba diving fans!

florida keys number one in areaFlorida Keys reunion weekend!

all of us diving today!

Benwood wreck dive site.The gang diving the reef!

A great big dive party!Scuba diving Reunion Weekend Florida Keysa song in the florida keys
Good scuba diving!Dive sunset

Key largo reinion dive weekend

One of the best scuba weekends in the Keys!

Key Largo Reunion 2013

We had a wonderful time again this year for our “7th Annual Sea Dweller Reunion Weekend”.  We had participants from New York, California, Florida, North Carolina, Arizona, New Jersey, Wisconsin, Illinois and South Carolina.  All scuba diving key Largo with Sea Dwellers…not for the first time.  As a matter of fact, some of this year’s participants have been diving with us for decades.

Coral Restoration Foundation

The weather certainly cooperated.  It was warm and sunny topside, mild seas and lots of critters as usual.  We had for crf3our event  “special guest” the Coral Restoration Foundation. Everyone enjoyed the CRF immensly, and it’s nice raising funds for this worthy cause. The CRF gives hope to the future of Coral Reefs in these difficult environmental times we live in today, and we are glad to give support to them and hope anyone who enjoys scuba diving or simply appreciates the underwater world would consider helping them also.  We met at the CRF office building for a presentation on the CRF, and followed this up with 2 dives on the Restoration nursery and then on a Restoration site.  Everyone seemed to really enjoy this enlightening and educational experience.  The event also includes…more scuba diving of course, sunset champagne cruise, costume party and prizes and some other things which vary slightly from weekend to weekend.

The Sea Dweller Reunion has become a great event for us here at Sea Dwellers Dive Center, as the participants are always divers who we know very well and are basically our friends as well as our customers.   Being as the event is usually right after the end of our busy season, the staff here looks forward to this weekend spent with friends and fellow workers enjoying the party and events associated with the weekend.  Basically, we enjoy Reunion Weekend ourselves…it’s not just another work weekend but lots of fun!

So we can say that the “7th Annual Sea Dwellers Reunion Weekend” was a success. We owe it all to the great folks who came from far away to dive Key Largo with us here at Sea Dwellers Dive Center. Thanks to our greatest supporters and friends, we couldn’t do any of this without you!

Nov, 7th