Wreck of the Duane in Key Largo

June 24, 2014

The Wreck of the Duane – Key Largo

I don’t like to repeat myself, but the diving here in Key Largo has been about as good as anyone can remember lately.  Flat calm seas have been the norm for about 8 days and

counting, and the weather forecast for Key Largo predicts more of the same for as far ahead as they forecast. As most of you know, we now are running more consistantly to the deeper wrecks with the addition of the HMS Minnow to our operation.

The Dive Gods have repaid us for this decision so far…the wreck of the Duane and the Spiegel have been amazing this summer.  First, for those of you who are not familiar…the USCG Duane is a 329-foot cutter that was decommissioned on August 1st, 1985.  The ship was intentionally sunk on November 27, 1987 off of Key Largo, Florida Keys, to create an artificial reef. This ship was sunk in about 120 feet and is just off the reef line, (Molasses Reef).  Due to it’s depth and the frequency of currents it is considered an advanced dive and most dive operators like ourselves, (Sea Dwellers Dive Center), require an Advanced Certification and proof of previous deep dives in a log book.

Many consider the Duane to be the best deep wreck in the Keys….she sits upright on the sandy bottom at 120 feet and on clear days the outline of the hull can be seen from the surface, or close to it.   Visibility is often 100 feet plus, and large pelagics are common.

Thanks to our good friend Tomek for providing this great video…it is probably the  best we’ve ever received from any of our divers here at Sea Dwellers Dive Center of Key Largo!   We hope you enjoy it!