Diving Key Largo in January…

January 20, 2015

Ok, so it’s January.  Winter.  Cold temps, gray skies, dreary, right?  

Well actually, not everywhere…
diving in Key Largo

The Key Largo air temp has averaged…believe it or not, above 80 degrees for the month of January so far this year! The water temp on the reef is 76 degrees.  Now aside from the possible negative aspects of this, ie. climate change; the fact is that the Florida Keys are a pretty good place to be these days in the winter. Especially if you are a scuba diver!


And not surprisingly, we’ve been pretty busy due to this warm winter weather.  We just had a wonderful group of scuba divers down from Enfield, Connecticut, (Enfield Scuba), run by a great guy named John Langlois.  John is a PADI Course Director who has been in the business for a heck of a long time, (John has certified more students than I can count!).  John and his scuba divers travel around the world to many exotic dive destinations and we are happy to report that they were pretty darn pleased with January diving in Key Largo with Sea Dwellers Dive Center!  It was very warm and sunny with great diving conditions, up until the very last day when a small cold front moved through and it got a little chilly and choppy.  The cool thing is, a day later it was warm and sunny again!

Yesterday we ran a trip to Molasses Reef and our divers saw, in addition to the usual schooling fish aplenty, a reef shark, a large loggerhead turtle, and a Goliath Grouper in blue water visibility of at least 60 feet.  Not bad for a “winter dive”, huh?

So to our friends up North, we sympathize with you during this tough winter.  But even better, we have the solution to your winter woes….come visit Key Largo and Sea Dwellers Dive Center, we have summer waiting for you down here!

Rob & the Sea Dweller Crew