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Sea Dwellers Dive Center of Key Largo now an SSI Dive Center!


Scuba Schools International
Scuba Schools International
Scuba  Instruction in Key largo

Better Instruction Results in Better, More Committed Scuba Divers!

Sea Dwellers Dive Center of Key Largo has always taken pride in our Scuba Instruction, and we’ve always tried to offer more for our students. Most of you already know that we offer 6 Open Water dives with our basic Open Water Course, and this has made the course very popular for obvious reasons. But most importantly, we feel that we’re producing better scuba divers. From the feedback we’ve gotten from our students it seems that most agree! 


SSI & Sea Dwellers Dive Center of Key Largo… Offering More!

Scuba Schools International believes that the well-trained scuba diver is the “committed” scuba diver, and we couldn’t agree more. And we’re not only going to continue to offer more for our students, but we’re “upping the ante” so to speak. Extended time and experiences in the pool and open water environment will benefit everyone. Key Largo diving has never been better, and we’re proud to offer SSI Instruction to our customers and fellow scuba divers! 


Thanks and best to all from your Sea Dwellers Staff!

 Scuba Schools International

Your favorite Key Largo Dive Center, (yes, that’s Sea Dwellers, right?)…just spent part of last week completing our SSI Instructor Training Course. This means that we are now not only PADI Instructors but also SSI Instructors. Scuba Schools International, already one of the largest scuba diving Instructional agencies in Europe, is also expanding rapidly in the USA and now we’re happy to say that we’re a part of that!. 

Our staff had a great time!  SSI Instructor Trainer Michael Steidley ran the training and we can’t say enough about him. Michael has just a bit of experience in scuba diving….diving since 1968 with every certification you could possibly imagine…and then some. As most of you know our Instructors here at Sea Dwellers Dive Center are pretty darn experienced, but every one of us, (even Scott), got a lot out of our training with Michael.

PADI Professional Scott Rodman turns 30!

photo (12)The new edition of “The Undersea Journal”  just came out as most PADI Facilities know.  This is the magazine of PADI Professionals….Divemasters, Instructors, etc.   Near the back of the magazine, there is a section that not many people read because it is simply a list of names; the “PADI Member Milestones” .   In the second smallest list is Robert S Rodman…known to most as Scott, our very own Captain and Instructor here at Sea Dwellers Dive Center.


So what does this mean?  Scott has been a PADI Member for over 30 years…no small accomplishment!    Scott spent his earlyimages (2) years at a Dive Center in Normal, Illinois, the “Midwest Diving Specialists”,  owned and operated by a  long time figure in the Scuba Industry, Dick Smith. Under Dick’s tutelage Scott learned everything about the Scuba Industry from training Scuba Divers to sampling fine Scotch.

slider7Scott moved down to Key Largo in the early 90’s, and soon after was united with Sea Dwellers Dive Center.  The rest is history… as Scott has been scuba diving in Key Largo for almost 20 years now. During this time Scott has continued diving around the world in many exotic places.  I often wonder how many dives he’s actually logged by now?

30 years as a PADI Member is no small feat. This is a small very elite list of very experienced scuba diver trainers, and Scott has “done his time” for sure.  Resscott3t assured you won’t meet many Instructors who have trained as many divers as Scott has over the years.  So the next time you see Scott, congratulate him on this accomplishment, you might not meet many others who have reached this Milestone!

Key Largo Diving

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