Dive Gear

Get certified and dive in Key Largo…and own your own top of the line dive gear!Florida Keys dive gear

At Sea Dwellers Dive Center we believe in offering you more when you earn your certifications! We also believe that owning your own top of the line scuba gear is an important part of the “dive life”, as we like to call the life we lead as scuba divers!    Diving is a fun and exciting sport for the whole family. It is also “equipment intensive”, and most want to own top of the line gear.  You can purchase blind online, and in many cases not even get a warranty when you buy that deeply discounted equipment, or you can come down here and  learn with us and at the same time use the equipment that you have the opportunity to purchase. THE INNOVATIVE MARES EQUIPMENT LINE CONTAINS UNIQUE PRODUCTS FOR ALL YOUR SCUBA DIVING EXPERIENCES. DISCOVER DEDICATED EQUIPMENT TO MEET ALL YOUR DIVE NEEDS. SAFELY EXPLORE THE FANTASTIC MARINE WORLD IN THE FLORIDA KEYS AND ENRICH YOUR LIFE WITH ALL THE MAGNIFICENT EXPERIENCES TO BE FOUND!

We offer Mares demo equipment that you can use as part of your course, and if you like it, you can purchase it new while here.  Don’t want to lug it home…we’ll ship it home for you for free!

BuoyancyWe offer 2 complete gear packages:Dive Gear in Key Largo

Also, when you purchase any gear package, you get $100 off any certification course! See our equipment packages for discounts on Mares gear. Complete packages including regulator, all gauges with pressure, depth and compass, Buoyancy Compensating Vest with integrated weights.  Top quality that you expect from Mares!