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What is Coral Restoration Foundation?

Coral Restoration Foundation™ (CRF) is the world's largest non-profit marine-conservation organization dedicated to restoring coral reefs to a healthy state, in Florida and globally.  Together with CRF, Sea Dwellers Dive Center is committed to protecting coral research, large scale cultivation, and outplanting of coral reefs. To learn more about CRF, click here.

How Can I Help?
By joining Sea Dwellers and CRF, recreational dive programs let ocean lovers from all over help protect the reef system.  Programs are designed for all certified SCUBA divers of all levels!   We can even take snorkelers to help us in the CRF Nursery and while outplanting coral!  This program is designed to show divers how the outside world affects the under water world and what they can do to help protect the ocean and the reef.

How Do I Sign Up?

Sign up for this amazing opportunity by calling the shop at 305.451.3640 and reserving your space and for dates available.   

What Does the Day Look Like?
Hands-on training starts at 9 am at the CRF™ Exploration Center. Check-in at the dive shop is at 12:00pm and the afternoon dives will befrom 1 to 5 pm.  Begin in the Tavernier Coral Tree™ Nursery (the largest in the world!) and finish with a visit to an active restoration site, where you will help restore a critically endangered species.  


This program incurs the dive operator cost and a $50 per person donation to CRF™.