Coral Restoration Foundation Event

Plant a Coral – Restore a Reef with Sea Dwellers Dive Center – Aug 20th! CRF helping our reefs for scuba diving!

Join Coral Restoration Foundation Team Divers and help restore our coral reefs on August 20th, 2017!

This is a unique opportunity to use your dive training and help create a healthier marine ecosystem! You start your morning at the Coral Restoration Foundation facility learning about the organization and their methodology in restoration techniques and then do some hands-on training. After, you will join the CRF and Sea Dwellers Dive Center on afternoon dives to a offshore Coral Nursery and dive a local reef restoration site. You will assist and participate in activities such as nursery maintenance, monitoring, or even outplanting corals all the while diving Key Largo!Coral restoration activities in Key Largo

All participants are required to:Dive Center
1. Hold at least Open Water Diver certification
2. Complete at least 30 open water dives before CRF day
3. Pay one time volunteer fee of $50 USD to CRF on the day of activities (tax deductible)Key Largo scuba diving and helping the coral reef

August 20th – Event Cost: $75 plus tax (plus donation to CRF)
Morning Class Instruction
2-location afternoon dive trip (Tanks, weights & restoration tolls included)


Toll-Free to reserve

Enjoy some great Key Largo scuba diving while helping to preserve the coral reefs for generations to come! We hope you’ll join us as we all share a common love for our underwater ecosystem here in the waters of Key Largo. Working with the Coral Restoration Foundation is a great way to contribute your time and energy to a great cause that we all can embrace here in the Florida Keys!