The Holidays in in Key Largo

December 26, 2013

Here at Sea Dwellers Dive Center, we are often asked….what’s it like in Key Largo during the Holidays?  If I could only use one word to answer…it would be “busy”.  As a matter of fact, the week between Christmas and New Year’s
can be the busiest of the year, especially if the weather is good.   And very often, it is.   Today the water temp is 77 degrees, topside temp is 84 degrees, skies are clear blue, very sunny. Not bad, huh?   So while us dive shop guys are thinking “busy” when talking the Holidays in Key Largo, …I think most people are thinking about other things when they ask this question.

Ultimately, we think the summer is the best overall for diving, but in the winter, there are some advantages.  I’m not talking absolutes here mind you….anything is possible, especially these days it seems!   But generally, the Holidays in the Keys bring….

1) No afternoon thunderstorms
2) No mosquitos
3) No humidity
4) Warm, but not hot

Not bad, huh?  Must be paradise, right?   Well, a lot of the time it is.  We hear about all these winter storms up north, blizzards, freezing temps…yikes!   For us it’s like trying to imagine living on another planet!



Now in January and February, we can get a little cold.   When a cold front pushes through…it could even get to, say…60 degrees!!!   I’m not kidding…do you feel sorry for us?   We all bundle up, some even put on long pants! snow(Not socks though, let’s not get ridiculous).   The water usually makes it down to around 72 for a couple weeks…(although this year it seems like it might not make it there if December is any indication. But it can get cold for short periods….   In 1976, I awoke in my Miami home to get ready for school, and lo and behold…snow…yes snow was on our green lawn.   The next day, the headlines of the Miami Herald….

Certainly Miami is no stranger to “snow”,  it’s just that it usually doesn’t fall from the sky. But we didn’t do a lot of diving that winter, and I think tat may have been a “once in my lifetime event”.   I don’t expect the current weather trends to get to this point in the near future.


So leave the cold and come on down and go diving in the Keys for the Holidays…we’re expecting more sun and warmth aplenty!

Good diving to all,