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Blue Star Operator Key Largo Sea Dwellers Dive Center
What is Blue Star?
Blue Star is a program established by Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary recognizing tour operators who are committed to promoting responsible and sustainable diving, snorkeling, and fishing practices to reduce the impact of these activities on ecosystems in the Florida Keys. Blue Star operators take the extra step to educate visitors to be better environmental stewards and to interact responsibly with natural resources in the Keys.
When Was the Sanctuary Established?
16 November 1990

How Big is the Sanctuary?
Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary protects 3,800 square nautical miles of waters surrounding the Florida Keys, from south of Miami westward to encompass the Dry Tortugas, excluding Dry Tortugas National Park.

What Does it Mean to Dive with a Blue Star Shop?
Diving with a Blue Star shop lets you know that we are taking all the steps to protect our oceans.  We recommend using Reef Safe Sunscreen on all of our trips (Check out our friends at Stream2Sea) as well as only wearing gloves when doing a deep wreck dive.  We also encourage all of our guests to bring their own water bottles as we are trying to do our part to eliminate single use plastics.  We also dispose of all oil and waste from the Sea Dweller III properly and in accordance with Blue Star guidelines.

What Does it Mean to Dive in the Sanctuary?
This means that there is no touching, taking, fishing, anchoring, cutting, or possession of coral.  There is also no dredging within the Sanctuary.  Because of these rules, the coral and wildlife have a chance to thrive and grow and to continue to be beautiful for generations to come.

How Can I Learn More About the Sanctuary?
You can learn more by visiting the Blue Star website by clicking here or you can read more on our website here.

According to NOAA, “Blue Star Dive Center is a program established by the Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary to reduce the impact of divers and snorkelers on the coral reef ecosystem of the Florida Keys. It is a voluntary recognition program saluting charter boat operators who promote a responsible and sustainable diving and snorkeling practices, helping keep the reef healthy for generations to come.”

The Florida Keys are home to the third-largest barrier coral reef in the world and beckon millions of Scuba Divers each year. The reef’s close proximity to land and an abundance of boat operators in the Keys make this diverse underwater world easily accessible for the novice snorkeler and the seasoned diver alike. (see NOAA Blue Star).

Everyone working here at Sea Dwellers Dive Center appreciates the unique marine ecosystem we have here in Key Largo. Key Largo is known for it’s diversity and abundance of marine life. At Sea Dwellers we frequently hear our repeat divers tell us just how amazing the marine life is here, especially compared to many of the most popular dive destinations in the Caribbean. Simply put, there are few places left in the Caribbean that can boast the abundance and diversity of marine life we have in the Florida Keys. The reason you can come down here and dive and see things like large groupers, snappers, permit, snook and goliath groupers, just to name a few, is due to the rigorous conservationist efforts found here.

A Blue Star Dive Center stresses conservationist education and awareness for the community of Dive Operators in the Keys. Coral reefs are under increased pressures globally. Through practicing responsible diving and snorkeling, you can help to lessen local stress on the reef while still partaking of its beauty. Experience a Key largo Dive Center Blue Star Style! Experience Sea Dwellers Dive Center of Key Largo and the wonders of the sanctuary and the coral reef ecosystem of the Florida Keys!

When planning a dive or fishing trip within the Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary, book with a Blue Star recognized charter and know you are selecting an operator dedicated to education and habitat conservation.

Blue Star operators are committed to responsible scuba diving and operators go the extra step to educate their divers on the Florida Keys / South Florida ecosystem, FKNMS, and responsible scuba diving.  This program has been funded in part by a grant awarded from Fish Florida’s Grants Program, which is funded by proceeds from the sale of the Fish Florida Specialty License Plate.