2014 Sea Dwellers Dive Center Reunion Weekend

November 8, 2014

Sea Dwellers Dive Center Reunion Weekend…and what a weekend!

This past weekend was our “9th Annual Sea Dwellers Reunion Weekend”, and we are happy to report it was a success!  Every Year for the last 8 we’ve held this event, which has blog7 turned out to be one of our favorite weekends of diving. As a matter of fact, I’m pretty sure our staff enjoys the event almost as much as our guests seem to!   The idea for this originally started when we realized how many wonderful people returned to dive with us year after year. We started putting together a list of these folks and discovered that many had been diving with Sea Dwellers Dive Center for years and some even decades!  The list was pretty long, we are happy to say, and we are honored to be the destination of choice for these wonderful divers who choose to spend their dive vacations with us!

Reunion Weekend was born


So we wanted to offer something special for these divers, many of whom have become like friends & family to us, and Boom…Sea Dwellers Reunion Weekend was born!  The event includes of course a lot of scuba diving, but also a lot more: We have a “Special Guest” each year; we’ve offered activities including treasure hunts, photography contests, reef cleanups, Champagne cruises, night dives, and always a big party (that has become a costume party), including dinner, beverages, and prizes to cap off the weekend!  Our “Special Guests” have included a couple world-renowned underwater photographers, an Oceanographer, a NOAA Sanctuary Founder, and this year a NOAA Blue Star Program Rep.


 Sea Dwellers Dive Center
Reunion Weekend 2014

We are happy to say that this year’s event was the biggest ever!  We had many divers who had been to past Reunions of course, but also had some “new blood”…folks that had been diving with us before but first time for Reunion. Speaking of repeat customers… Melinda Gardner made it again this year and has not missed one. We consider her the “Queen of Sea Dwellers”…and our biggest fan!  Thanks Melinda!

Our divers came from Tennessee, California, New Jersey, Wisconsin, Illinois, North Carolina, South Carolina,  New York, Massachusetts, Florida, Michigan and Louisiana to dive key largo with Sea Dwellers this year!

 The weather cooperated… the first day started with a little chop but blue skies, light north breeze, good vis, and good diving prevailed!  Because many of the participants know each other from diving with Sea Dwellers over the years, the group, as usual, meshed together quickly. Staff and divers all play well together for this Key Largo diving event!

Jet Blue

This year we were very happy to welcome our Jet Blue friends, blog20several of which we have certified over the last couple years.  They fit in well and contributed greatly to the success of this year’s event! (We will be flying Jet Blue on our next trip). BTW It was also great to have the Monroe family back this year afteblog3r missing the last few!

The costume party Saturday night was a big hit as always, (but maybe a little more raucous than usual?) We served fresh steamed Key West Pink shrimp caught locally here in the Keys and everyone seemed to enjoy them. Interestingly, the original Reunion was not a costume party, but since the Reunion blog40usually falls on Halloween it just kind of morphed into one. The theme this year was “When I was 20″…to help celebrate 20 years for Jeff & Rob at Sea Dwellers Dive Center.





We want to thank everyone who helped to make this year’s Reunion Weekend one of the best ever!  We enjoyed spending this time with you immensely, and if you don’t already know this, we could not do it without you, you are the heart and soul of Sea Dwellers Dive Center!

Best to all!
Rob & Jeff and the Staff of Sea Dwellers Dive Center of Key Largo