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Key largo Diving

So What’s it Like?  Scuba Diving the “Dive Capital of America” – Key Largo!
Key Largo diving in the Florida Keys

Marine Life

Many ask us, “what is Key Largo diving like?  Well it is many things to many people, but the one thing that always comes out is…”Marine Life”.  Our divers constantly tell us that the marine life here is as good as it gets in the Caribbean, better even!  The Keys has always been known for the schooling fishes; Snappers, Grunts, Goatfish, Parrotfish, Spadefish, Jacks, Minnows…and I’m sure I’m leaving some out but you get the picture.

Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary

Great diving in key largoNow that all of the Florida Keys are a Federally protected sanctuary, the marine life here has gotten even more abundant!  When many places in the Caribbean are unfortunatley struggling with conservation programs and marine life is under siege from over-fishing, the Florida Keys has enjoyed the protections that come with being one of the largest marine sanctuaries in the world!  This has paid dividends for Key Largo diving, as well as for all water activities in the Florida Keys! With bait fish stocks rising due to fishing limits, and with the Sanctuary Preservation areas being completely off limits for spear fishing or
line fishing, the fish populations are indeed flourishing! Schooling Spadefish off key Largo


Key Largo Diving – The only Barrier Coral Reef in North America

diving the reefs with SnappersKey Largo diving is mostly about beautiful reefs with diverse and abundant marine life.  Most of the diving is shallow reef, 25 – 50 foot range, which makes for good bottom time!  At Sea Dwellers Dive Center we offer a bit over and hour at each dive site, excluding the deeper wrecks.  The waters are usually clear and blue and offer scuba divers a range of dive adventures on our many reef dives and wrecks. The subtropical climate provides approximately 340 sunny days each year and the dive conditions are usually good to great year-round. So come on down any time of year, the diving is great and the critters are waiting!Key Largo diving is cool...

Key Largo Dive Trips Daily

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